LCUL has partnered with DEI consultant Dima Ghawi to lead the organization’s efforts in increasing and elevating the resources available to affiliated credit unions that better align and coordinate with state-wide diversity policies and initiatives. Dima has a proven track record of championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in both the public and private sectors. Together, LCUL and Dima look to transform the behavior and mindset of teams, individuals, and leaders to help them best support diverse communities and employees.

No matter where you and your team are on its DEI journey, whether you’ve just begun ’or are looking for ways to make significant advancements, credit unions are encouraged to utilize the many resources included in our Path to Inclusion initiative:

Inclusive Support Within Reach

When it comes to inclusion, there is no destination; instead, DEI is a journey. Perhaps one of the strongest resources available, this hotline will offer tailored assistance with questions about strategy and DEI implementation. Dima will provide guidance to credit unions’ C-suite/HR professionals with their initiatives to develop, implement, and enhance a range of policies, programs, practices, and systems to improve and increase inclusion.

Access Inclusive Support

Anti-Harassment Training for CUs

As a required training for credit unions, LCUL is bringing this program to affiliated credit unions at no additional cost. Dima will present an engaging and informative 45-minute presentation suitable for all employees. She’ll cover multiple types of unlawful harassment with practical, easy-to-understand examples of manager/supervisor duties and liability.

Credit unions have unlimited access throughout the year with no limit on the number of employees that can partake. Participants receive handouts, and printable certificates.

Training Coming Soon!

Implicit Bias Training

At this unique training presented twice a year for member credit unions, Dima will have attendees stand up and challenge the old programming, learning how to break free of harmful norms. She incorporates relatable anecdotes and group/individual activities that keep audiences engaged, offering the opportunity to continue your journey of self-improvement and take an active role in being part of the solution.

The first session for 2023 is taking place on May 19 from 9 to 10:30 a.m. For the ultimate engagement experience, this event is first come, first serve with a max of 30 participants.

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Inclusivity Award

This annual award will be given on the main stage at convention to a credit union that has demonstrated sustained support for advancing DEI initiatives in their workplace, been a catalyst for cultural transformation that emphasizes inclusion, and supported positive change within the credit union industry, their organization, or their community that uplifts diverse communities.

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