Whether you realize it or not, you are involved in politics in some capacity. Legislators make decisions every day that could potentially affect the way credit unions do business. Other financial institutions, with interests very different from credit unions, actively lobby, campaign and contribute to candidates favorable to their cause.

For these reasons, we need to do all we can to elect and support candidates for office that share the credit union vision, ensuring we remain strong and relevant. This is done through the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC). CULAC promotes the support of pro-credit union candidates to the U.S. Congress and the Louisiana Legislature through political action committee contributions. By pooling resources, credit unions are able to maximize the collective impact of donations in the support of those who promote favorable legislation to support and enhance the credit union industry.


For more information, visit the national CULAC website.


Please note that in order to be able to accept contributions from credit union members and professionals, your credit union must have a current signed permission agreement on file. Permission agreements can be found in the CULAC resources section below. 


Effective political action makes for a strong credit union movement and your dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. Over the years, the Louisiana credit union movement has become a major force in the world of political fundraising. We utilize a number of avenues to raise funds for the campaigns of credit union-friendly candidates, but ultimately our fundraising efforts are driven by personal donations from credit union leaders like you. 
Thank you for your continued support and involvement that provides us with the resources to elect credit union advocates to Congress.

National Highlights

  • 2022 CULAC Capitol Circle Award – Louisiana – Awarded annually to each League that meets or exceeds 100% of its annual fundraising goal Louisiana raised $90,778 in 2022, 204% of our Fair Share Goal
  • 2022 CULAC Circle of Excellence Award – La Capitol FCU - Awarded annually to the credit union that raised the highest dollars for each state

CULAC Challenge Highlights

2022-23 CULAC Challenge Winners

  • Highest Percentage: Lafayette Chapter
  • Highest Dollar Amount: Baton Rouge Chapter
  • Highest Personal Contributor: Helen Delin, INSTEP CU
  • 2022 Highest Percentage: Iberville FCU

Pelican Club

$500 or more donated during a calendar year

  • Lawoka Bolden, First Pioneers FCU
  • Kellie Brower, First Pioneers FCU
  • Angela Capella, UNO FCU
  • Chris Chelette, Valex FCU
  • Jeffrey Conrad, Pelican State CU
  • Christopher Craighead, Centric FCU
  • Monica Declouet, University of Louisiana FCU
  • Helen Delin, INSTEP CU
  • Michael Hooper, LA Capitol FCU
  • Michelle Jinks, Access of Louisiana FCU
  • Matthew Koch, CSE FCU
  • Steven Liberto, LCUL
  • Stephen Mathews, LA Capitol FCU
  • Chris Maurer, UNO FCU
  • Matt McCullin, ANECA FCU
  • Chad Miller, Southwest Louisiana CU
  • Lanie Miller, 705 FCU
  • Melissa Ott, Pelican State CU
  • Sidney Parfait, Post Office Employees ECU
  • Wynter Roy, On Path FCU
  • Glenda Rushe, St Tammany FCU
  • Amanda Simpson, ANECA FCU
  • Pamela Stelly, Maple FCU
  • Hannah Stelly, 705 FCU
  • Annette Thames, Pelican State CU
  • Cassie Theriot, 705 FCU
  • Jane Verret, Campus FCU
  • Diane Ward, Bossier FCU
  • Steve Webb, Neighbors FCU
  • David Wodke, ANECA FCU

  • Cypress Club

    $250 or more donated during a calendar year

    • Nadine Arnaud, University of Louisiana FCU
    • Emily Beatman, 705 FCU
    • Kellie Brower, First Pioneers FCU
    • Kristina Daigle, Access of Louisiana FCU
    • Ben Dubuc, First Pioneers FCU
    • Katelyn Dubuc, University of Louisiana FCU
    • Lacey Galyon, St. Tammany FCU
    • Amy Kidder, University of Louisiana FCU
    • Susan McClure, ANECA FCU
    • Chad Miller, Southwest Louisiana CU
    • Sarah Mire, University of Louisiana FCU
    • Armand Parvazi, New Orleans Firemen's CU
    • Lindsay Risinger, Barton Plant Employees
    • Hannah Stelly, 705 FCU
    • Abby Trauth, Louisiana Credit Union League
    • Abby Warnke, First Pioneers FCU