Automate and streamline compliance activities to ease the burden on your credit union.

This system provides: 

  • Visibility: your dashboard allows you to rate your CU on each regulatory area
  • Tracking: no more handwritten notes or e-mails! This feature allows you to assign others within the credit union and keep up with progress made
  • Reporting: be audit-ready with the pre-built reports showing your compliance progress on each regulatory area
  • Updating: as regulations change, you will receive alerts and resources to start you on the path to updating your current policies

ComplySight directly interfaces with additional League products like InfoSight and CU PolicyPro.

By using the powerful and intuitive tools in ComplySight, your team can promptly and efficiently manage compliance in all areas of your credit union operation by:

  • Selecting and Grading Compliance Factors
  • Building and Resolving Action Items
  • Building and Resolving Manual Action Items
  • Building and Resolving Examiner Audit Findings
  • Managing Regulatory Alerts
  • Understanding Grading Calculations