The Louisiana Credit Union League has put together important information to help you in the event of a natural disaster. It is important to remember that credit unions face a wide variety of natural disasters such as floods, fires, and tornadoes that could disrupt operations at any given moment and have potentially devastating consequences. In the event of a disaster, the Louisiana Credit Union League will be there to assist you in the recovery process. We will continue to update our website as well as our social media platforms for the latest updates.

CU Resources:

Re-entry Credentialing:

Regulatory/Banking Agencies:


Office of Financial Institutions


Federal Reserve Bank
Use the below link to use the Federal Reserve Bank’s "Find Your Contacts" application to create a directory; customized to your ABA or find contact information by service area below.

Resources for Members:

How to Drive Safely Before, During and After a Hurricane Disaster
Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Parents
Emergency Preparedness for Seniors
Disaster First Aid and Health Safety
Protecting You and Your Family During a Natural Disaster
Disaster Preparedness for Those Who Need Extra Help (Seniors, Pets, Kids, People with Disabilities)
FEMA: Information for Policy Holders
FEMA: Family Emergency Plan


Helpful Links

FEMA Information for Lenders
LCUL/Labarre Associates Branch Re-Opening Checklist
Lessons Learned
Quick Branch after Flood

Handling Loan Extension Request After a Disaster - Questions Answered

Sample Language to Educate Your Members about Insurance Proceeds

Credit unions might consider posting the following information on their websites and in their branch locations to help prepare members for restrictions involving insurance checks.
Notice to Members Regarding Insurance Proceeds
In cases where ABC Credit Union has a secured interest in the property, insurance checks may be made payable jointly to you and to ABC Credit Union. We may not make the proceeds immediately available. You should contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx for instructions on how to endorse the check, and to find out about any holds that may be placed on the proceeds.

NCUA’s Guidance on Post-Disaster Issues


Helpful Links

Hurricane Recovery: Getting the Most from Your Homeowners Insurance
Summary of Federal Aid for Flood Victims
Red Cross Flood Relief Page – learn about resources available to flood victims
SSA Emergency Information Page – how to access Social Security Administration services during an emergency.
Disaster Assistance from Disaster.gov – provides disaster survivors with information, support services, and a means to access and apply for disaster assistance through a variety of partners.
FEMA Claims Handbook – instructions for property owners with flood insurance on filing a claim with the Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMA Information for Property Owners – a variety of information for property owners with flood insurance policies
Lost Document Recovery - Listing of resources to obtain copies of documents that may have been destroyed due to the flood.
Flood Insurance Claim Tips
NFIP Proof of Loss, Damage Estimates, and Supplemental Claims
Flood Insurance Claim Deadlines
Resolving Flood Insurance Disputes
The "Dirt" on Insurance Protection for Mud Flow Damage
Speak UP: How to communicate with your insurance company
Mold Damage Guide - Information and resources about mold damage
National Disaster Legal Aid

*LCUL does not endorse all of the providers listed. We are simply passing along any resources that are sent to us on your behalf.