Why take part in grassroots advocacy?


Historically, the political strength of the credit union movement has been in our grassroots strength, that is, to show elected officials that credit unions are a vocal constituency that cannot be ignored. PAC fundraising is just one piece of the puzzle. Credit unions must also take action on a grassroots level to show lawmakers how important credit union issues are to their constituents.
There are many ways to get involved in grassroots advocacy:
LCUL and America’s Credit Unions advocacy events are an essential part of our grassroots advocacy program. These events allow credit unions to build and maintain personal relationships between state and federal lawmakers as well as the one-on-one opportunity for credit union to educate lawmakers and their staff about issues important to the movement.

2024 Quarterly Advocacy Calls March 22, June 28, September 27, & December 12, Virtual
2024 America’s Credit Unions Governmental Affairs Conference March 3-7, Washington D.C.
2024 State Governmental Affairs Conference April 2 & 3, Baton Rouge

Project Zip Code (PZC) is a powerful tool for credit unions to match their membership with their state and federal lawmakers. Lawmakers respond better to our issues when they understand how many credit union members in their district will be affected by legislation.

PZC is a secure program that matches credit union members by legislative district and county based upon their zip code. More than 78 million credit union members have already been identified through PZC. It is important we continue this success by updating your numbers regularly.

Go to www.pzconline.com to download the program.

CUNA’s Member Activation Program (MAP) provides all the tools credit unions need to engage members.

America’s Credit Unions has partnered with credit unions on an extensive research project to better understand the impact of advocacy-related communications. Surveying over 70,000 credit union members in 2014, the study found that advocacy communications not only succeed in activating Credit Union members but also increase members’ loyalty bond with their credit union.

How does MAP work?

Participating in MAP is easy. First, log on to CUNA.org/MAP to sign your credit union up for the Member Activation Program. Once you participating in MAP, America’s Credit Unions will provide plug and play content and tools to deliver advocacy messages to your members on key issues.

Your credit union can now send advocacy messages to your members using your credit union’s brand. As your members learn about the issues and take action, their connection with their credit union grows stronger with the vast majority of them wanting to do more business with the credit union.

If you would like more information about MAP Program, please contact LCUL Advocacy staff or visit CUNA.org/MAP