The 2022 CULAC candy sale is here! 

By placing an order to sell candy at your credit union, you are supporting CULAC's advocacy efforts.

New person in charge this year? See below for frequently asked questions and the link to place your credit union's order!

We will be placing two orders this year. The ordering period for the first order will be March 8th through March 18th, and the second ordering period will be April 1st through April 22nd.

Your order will be delivered approximately 5 business days from the order date. If you order 50 cases or more, the candy will be shipped directly to your credit union. If you order less than 50 cases, your order will ship to the designated credit union in your area. See pick up locations below. If there is no listed pickup location for your area, your order will be delivered directly to your credit union.

Unfortunately candy is not returnable. Please double check your order before placing. If you need to make any changes to an order that has been placed, please email culac@lcul.com

You have placed your order for candy, and now all that is left is SELLING! Below is information and tools that will help you in selling the candy that you ordered. 

  • Chocolate Covered Almonds are sold for $2 each.
  • Variety Bars $1 each.

Click here for the full Marketing Toolkit complete with Lobby Flyers, Social Media Graphics and Sample Posts.

Click here for more information on CULAC, what a PAC is, and why you should support.

Order Today!