Women's Leadership Conference

Pensacola, FL

Published: Apr 14, 2023

Event date: 10/16/2023 - 10/17/2023 Export event


Join us in Pensacola, Florida for the 2nd Annual Women’s Leadership Conference presented by The Raiffeisen Group (TRGroup). This conference brings together female leaders in the credit union movement from seven states to discuss topics most relevant to our development and growth.

Program will conclude no later than 12:00 pm Tuesday.

Confirmed Sessions Include:

  • The Misft Advantage: Liberate Your Inner Misfit and Thrive – Last year’s closing speaker Dima Ghawi kicks off our program guiding attendees to acknowledge and appreciate what makes them different and to focus on seeing the advantages of embracing their individuality.
  • Discovering & Re-Affirming Your Credit Union “Why” – Karen Madry will be presenting a session to help us discover why we love what we do in credit unions.
  • Communicating with Everyone Who Isn’t You – Life would be so simple if everyone we interact with was just like us. There would be no cryptic emails, bizarre texts, mixed signals, or conflict. Alas, world peace still eludes us as we interact with those who are confused, angry, silly, smarter and more articulate than us. Denise Ryan facilitates this communication styles quiz followed by debriefing to help us understand and remove barriers to communication.
  • Empowering Assertiveness: Elevate your Leadership in the Credit Union Industry: Julie Couret’s highly interactive session will encourage you to embrace assertiveness as a powerful tool for fostering collaboration and achieving goals, overcome societal expectations and dispel myths about assertive behavior being synonymous with rudeness, and Develop communication techniques that project confidence and authority while maintaining respect and professionalism.
  • Credit Union Brand: Building & Protecting Your Credit Union’s Image - Your credit union’s brand is your image, your reputation, your face to the community… but most importantly, it’s an asset. In this session, Megan Thomas, a partner with event sponsor Kudulis, Reisinger & Price, LLC, will discuss tips for developing or re-inventing a strong brand and using it to promote and protect your credit union’s reputation. 
  • Learning to lead through adversity: Millie’s story:  Life gives us opportunities to learn and hone our leadership skills, and it is especially true when faced with adversities. Through Millie’s story, Asha Connors of event sponsor Trellance will share how we make choices and learn to use our leadership skills not just to survive, but to thrive.
  • Motivation by Chocolate – Denise Ryan’s keynote features 9 key concepts to help us get more out of work and life. Learn about persistence, passion, effective allocation of resources, the law of diminishing returns and more! Session includes a chocolate tasting to demonstrate how to appreciate chocolate as well as life itself!
  • Insights from a CFO: Blending Business Acumen, Career Growth and Strategic Leadership - Laurie Winger, Executive Vice President, is the Chief Financial Officer of TruStage. Over her more than 30 years with the company, Laurie has led multiple aspects of the organization, from product to sales to now serving as the company’s first female CFO. Her breadth of experience has allowed her to take a wide strategic lens and translate that strategy into execution. In this discussion, Laurie will share highlights from her career journey at TruStage and how business leaders of all levels can apply experience, business knowledge and strategic thinking to help shape an organization’s future.


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Educational Investment

Early Bird Registration $525 until September 15. Registration fee increases to $595 thereafter.

Vendors are able to register to attend this event for $795. This includes attendance only. If a vendor would like to discuss sponsorship opportunities, they can email atrauth@lcul.com. All speaker positions have been filled at this time. 


Hilton Pensacola Beach
12 Via de Luna Drive
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

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The Raiffeisen Group (TR GROUP) is a collaboration for members of the following leagues:  Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, and West Virginia

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