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Southwest Louisiana Credit Union Introduces Their New Children's Book

Southwest Louisiana Credit Union, SWLACU, is excited to announce the release of their new children's book, "Buddy the Coin's Adventures with Money!" This educational book aims to teach children about financial literacy and the importance of saving money in a fun and engaging way.

SWLACU believes it’s crucial for young children to develop good financial habits early on. "Buddy the Coin's Adventures with Money!" introduces children to Buddy, a friendly coin, who takes them on a journey to learn about money and its various uses. Through interactive storytelling and colorful illustrations, children will be introduced to concepts such as earning, saving, and spending money wisely. 

The book was written and illustrated with the help of the O’Carroll Group, a Lake Charles marketing firm, and the financial counseling department of SWLACU. In addition to teaching financial literacy, "Buddy the Coin's Adventures with Money!" also emphasizes the value of patience and setting goals.

SWLACU has always been committed to promoting financial literacy in the Southwest Louisiana community, and the release of this children's book is another step in that direction. By providing children with a fun and engaging way to learn about money, the credit union hopes to empower the next generation to make informed financial decisions.

Parents and educators can utilize "Buddy the Coin's Adventures with Money!" as a valuable tool to teach children about financial responsibility. The book will primarily be used at community events focused on financial education.