Financial Counselor Forum

Biloxi Mississippi

Published: Oct 14, 2022

Event date: 12/7/2022 - 12/8/2022 Export event


*Due to unforseen circumstnaces, our Financial Counceling Forum has been cancelled. We are working to transition sessions listed below into virtual sessions which willl be presented over the course of the next few months. Updates will be provided through league publications.* 

  • Lack of Financial Literacy is Costing Members BIG! By Marnie Keller
    • A recent survey shows that the average person loses nearly $1400 a year due to lack of personal finance knowledge. That’s $352 Billion in the US alone! Discover ways your Credit Union can help to provide strategy, hope and new direction to your members.
  • Understanding Member Relationships & Behaviors regarding Money By Illyce Glick
    • Uncovering the root cause of our member’s unhealthy relationships, perceptions and decisions with money is the first step in building healthy financial decisions for the future.
  • Serving the Underserved through Inclusive Lending & Creative Partnerships by James Hunter
    • Thinking outside the box by collaboration with unexpected community partners creates a stronger community and cultivates new long-term devoted members to your credit union.
  •  Counseling is Not a Negative Word, It’s a Positive Experience by Makeitta Citizen & Malana LaCombe
    • What good is it to have fully trained financial counselors if your members don’t know about it?  Even worse, what if they know about the service but equate it with embarrassment or shame.  Gain tips on how to brand and market your services to make members eager to participate

Other conversations attendees can look forward to:

  • Panel Discussion: Podcasting and Connecting with Your Members
  • Share Your Successes, Challenges, & Ideas 
  • Hands on group activity: Creating new documents
  • A Sneak peek at Best Money Moves
  • How Plinqit can benefit your credit union and your members

Registration is paused for this event.